Meet Gillian

Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Pilates Instructor

What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise physiology is the scientific study of the body, how it works and how it responds to exercise. 

I clinically assess your current physical activity and functional capacity so that I can prescribe effective exercise programs to achieve your health goals. Your goals may include rehabilitation of injuries, relief from persistent pain, chronic health conditions, mental health and general wellbeing. I also have a special interest in women's health issues.


Who could it benefit? 

Anyone who would like to improve and better manage issues with: 

• heart health, mental health and chronic kidney disease 

• weight loss and diabetes
• cancer recovery and treatments 

• neurological conditions including MS and stroke recovery
• respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD 

• joint and muscle pain including arthritis and injuries

How can it help you? 

I treat each client as a unique individual and prescribe exercise that clinically meets their needs, abilities and health and wellbeing goals. I understand the challenges in changing behaviours and forming new habits. I work closely with you to find the activities that meet your clinical requirements and support you to confidently manage these changes to meet your wellbeing goals.

About Me

After having 4 children, I decided it was time to find and follow my passion. I returned to university and qualified as an Exercise Physiologist at the University of Canberra. During this time I worked at the Curves Gym as a circuit and weight loss coach and had so much fun teaching group exercise. I also studied Pilates during this time and now teach group sessions every week. I am amazed at how often I use the Pilates techniques in my exercise prescription for rehabilitation.


I currently see my Exercise Physiology Clients at Forrest Chiropractic, a  local private practice and I can help you book in. I can also provide Telehealth sessions if that is more convenient for you.

My Special Interest is Women's Health including ...

  • exercising with a prolapse

  • breast cancer treatment recovery

  • improving pelvic floor

  • exercise before, during and after preganancy

  • exercise before, during and after menopause


My Vision

My vision is to empower my clients with the skills, knowledge and confidence to actively manage their own health and well being. I know from experience that you need to find the activity you love and do more of that. I also know that sometimes it is hard to know what to do. That is where I can help you stay safe and achieve your goals with the right exercises at the right intensity and volume. Book in for a free 10 minute consultation if you need more information.