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Clinically Lead Exercise and Rehabilitation

Hi, I’m Gillian

Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Pilates Instructor

Passionate about health, wellness and pilates. I love my career where everyday I help clients reach their health goals. I take a wholistic approach where we consider not only exercise but activity levels, nutrition and lifestyle factors. I believe what we do now impacts on how we age in the future - so the more we do now the better!

Introducing Pilates made CLEAR

Nothing feels as good as you do after a pilates session

My pilates sessions focus on movements that flow, while using the breath to promote control and co-ordination. You will find the sessions improve your mobility and flexibility. During the sessions you listen to your body,  finding your centred-self and by the end you will often find your self in a place of deep relaxation. Pilates made CLEAR is not just good for the body but good for the soul. 

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